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Surge Micro-credentials are powered by Saskatchewan Polytechnic and are redefining what is possible with education. Surge Micro-credentials are a cutting-edge way for learners to gain new skills and knowledge that meet the demands of today’s current job market.

We work together with industry leaders to design and develop Surge Micro-credentials. These partnerships ensure our programs reflect and connect students with real industry skills and demands from today’s top employers.

Surge Micro-credentials are the future of learning and are designed to meet the needs of today’s rapidly changing job market.

Whether you're looking to advance your career or start a new one, Surge Micro-credentials are the fastest, most innovative way to get ahead. They’re short, focused learnings that accelerate your skills in a specific area. For each micro-credential, you earn industry-recognized micro-credentials and/or micro-learning digital badges. 

Get skills, get recognized

With every Surge Micro-Credential, you earn Micro-Learning badges and a digital certification to demonstrate your skills and expertise.

Surge Micro-credential badge advantages
  • Display professional accreditation
  • Recognized by industry leaders
  • Show peers and prospective employers your up-to-date and relevant skills
  • Share on your resume and social media
  • Each micro-credential is built on 2 or 3 stackable micro-learnings

Surge Micro-credential badges allow you to display your newly earned professional accreditation with your peers and perspective employers. Badges are recognized by industry leaders and can be shared on your social media and resume. 

Learners have access to real-world scenarios and projects that allow you to apply your newly acquired skills in a meaningful way.

Surge Micro-credentials can help you develop custom credentialing for your business with Surge Studio. From healthcare to trades, Surge Studio helps streamline and structure your training process based on your individual business needs. Contact our program development team to learn more: surgestudio@saskpolytech.ca.  

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