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What exactly is a micro-credential?

The Future of Learning

Whether you're looking to advance your career or start a new one, Surge Micro-credentials are the fastest, most innovative way to get ahead. They are short, focused learnings that accelerate your skills in a specific area. For each credential, you earn industry-recognized micro-credential and/or micro-learning digital badges. Two delivery methods are available to meet your style of learning and schedule; real-time events with industry pros or self-paced online offerings.

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Education on your terms

Surge Micro-credentials let you learn whenever, wherever you want.

Skill up faster

Skill up faster

Get the skills you want in weeks, not years. Most offerings can be completed in less than a month.

Flexible delivery

Flexible delivery

Online, classroom and hybrid options. Surge Micro-credentials let you learn at your pace, on your schedule.

Real industry connection

Real industry connection

Surge Micro-credentials are designed with top-tier industry partners, so your skills are relevant and in demand.

Surge Micro-credential badge advantages

Get skills, get recognized

With every Surge Micro-Credential, you earn Micro-Learning badges and a digital certification to demonstrate your skills and expertise.

  • Display professional accreditation
  • Recognized by industry leaders
  • Show peers and prospective employers your up-to-date and relevant skills
  • Share on your resume and social media
  • Each micro-credential is built on 2 or 3 stackable micro-learnings